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Establishing a climate of individuality while learning the same skills

Utilization of GoQuest empowers educators to make changes to the way they have always done things. Why? Because with the Renzulli Profiler® results, there is evidence things should be done a little differently.

Accessing individual profile results and the narrative report can be done by accessing individual students through the Students Menu. For a refresh on that process, visit the Sharing the Renzulli Profile Information page.

How can I see the profile of my classroom

In order to truly impact the culture of your classroom, it is necessary to see your classroom profile. Click the Reports tab to get to your reports page.

To run the Group Profile report, click Run Report.

There are no settings to establish. The report runs automatically, opening a new tab once it is ready for viewing.

The report contains 3 main areas.

First, a teacher can see how many students have completed their profiler.

Then, a teacher can see the top 3 Interest Areas, Expression Styles, and Learning Preferences for the class as a whole.

Finally, teachers are presented with graphs for each portion of the profile: interest areas, expression styles, and learning preferences. The graphs allow teachers to see ALL of the students profile results, not just the top 3.

Click NEXT to learn how to use the profile information for classroom management

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