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Interest based Strategies

Using student interest preferences

Continuing down the path of integration strategies using the students' profile data, let's focus specifically on student interests.


Use the Profile as writing prompt. Creating a Renzulli Profile is a great metacognitive exercise for students. Allow them to pause and spend some time reflecting, in writing, about their profile. Is this profile accurate? What did you learn about yourself? What would you change about the profile?

KWL charts

Make an instant KWL. With a few clicks, GoQuest will send your students the “KWL” questions to go along with their selection of differentiated activities using the Differentiation Engine. Prompt students to answer the first two: “What do you already know about this topic?” and “What do you want to know about this topic?” before they view their activities. Then, they’ll be prompted to answer for themselves what they learned. Use this feature as a platform for classroom discussion. If each student fills out their own KWL, you can get a sense of what the “burning” questions are before the unit really gets going.

Intra-grade-level interest-based clusters

Use the Renzulli Profile to find out which students in your school share the same interests. Create sheltered times during the school day, or afterschool, for intra-grade groups of students to explore their interests. GoQuest might recommend the creation of popular student groups your school never had — or imagined!

Interest development centers

Interest Development Centers differ from traditional kinds of “learning centers” found in many classrooms, in that the focus is not on skill development, completion of worksheets, or other basic activities — but rather on identifying and exploring areas of interest. Teachers (or students) pick a topic, and work with the students to design activities to stimulate interest and understanding of the topic. Given one or two internet connected computers in your classroom, GoQuest can act as the resource for introducing and researching the topic, connecting with professionals engaged in the topic, and managing student projects related to the topic.

Cater to your sports nuts

Make everything athletic. GoQuest can help you find resources that match both your curriculum topics and your student’s favorite interests. Since athletics is a perennial top interest among our students, you’ll find a lot of value in finding resources to teach your curriculum through the lens of athletics. Go to Search, and check the “Athletics” box, then enter your curriculum topic as a keyword — and GoQuest will find resources for teaching that topic to kids that are interested in athletics. You’ll be amazed how many resources you can find!

Throw a GoQuest Fair

An excellent way to share the work of students who have completed (or are in the process of completing) a Project is the organization of a GoQuest Project Fair. The primary purpose for organizing a fair is not to provide an audience for students’ findings, but to provide students from other schools or classes (who may or may not be involved in the enrichment program) an opportunity to see and learn from the work of students who have completed these kinds of investigations. A real audience for a GoQuest Project consists of the logical outlet for the type of work the student, as a first-hand inquirer, has produced.

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