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Keyword Searching

Using the differentiated search engine

Students can utilize the search engine in their Activities menu to learn more about different concepts. If you need a refresh on how the student search engine works, explore the Activities Search in the Student Experience.

Evaluate Web Sites

Students can critique each of the sites or resources they explore in a session, including the categories below. Teachers may want to discuss evaluation criteria with students in a whole class mini-lesson. The type of criteria that students may want to consider are:

  • Can I read and understand this resource?
  • Do the graphics (pictures, illustrations, print characteristics) grab my attention and make me want to explore the site more?
  • Does this site have the type of information I thought it would?
  • Does this resource have the kind of information that I am looking for?
  • Is this resource something that will help me learn more about a topic or subject?
  • Does this resource teach me something new or help me practice something I already know?
  • Can I create a product (some type of work) on this site that I can share with others?
  • What type of site is this?

Students can also utilize activity rubrics to evaluate websites.

Grades 1-2

Grades 3-5

Middle School

High School

Compare Resources

Students can also use a Venn Diagram to compare two resources. This is particularly useful when researching and comparing/contrasting solutions.

Create personal dictionaries

As students complete more and more keyword searches, they are gaining more and more knowledge. Use a notebook, folder or even binder to have students save the information they are learning. The Vocabulary Dictionary Entry form may also be of assistance.


Create a GoQuest Word Wall

Create a wall of key terms from the skills and concepts you’re introducing to your class. Any time you introduce a new skill or concept — “Metaphors” “American Revolution” — add the concept to the word wall. When your students have center/ lab time, they have a bank of words from the wall that they can search on GoQuest, and get a personalized set of activities for learning more about that concept.

GoQuest Word of the Week

Every student has the ability to search their unique GoQuest database for any keywords. You can assign students a “Word of the Week” to type into their search box and guide their work on GoQuest. You can use curriculum topics (photosynthesis, fractions), thematic topics (interdependence, change), or civic education concepts (responsibility, honesty). Over the course of the week, make sure each student has some opportunity to search the word in their database — and then on Friday, you can lead a session where the students share and compare what they found.



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