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Integrating Assignments

More than a library of resources

Through GoQuest, teachers can bundle together GoQuest activities to create assignments and can then send those assignments—with instructions and a due date—to students. They can even add links to web-based resources outside of GoQuest and can add files like rubrics and worksheets to the assignments.  

What’s really cool about assignments is that teachers can select activities that they want all students to receive and can optionally have the differentiation engine add personalized activities—that match the teacher’s topic and are aligned with each student’s profile—to differentiate each student’s assignment. And all it takes is a few clicks.

Assignments are a perfect way to integrate GoQuest into day-to-day classroom instruction, differentiating content so each student is working with materials that match his or her learning profile. 

Lesson Planning

Use our Assignment Plan template (see resources below) to create your lesson plans. The template helps teachers see how GoQuest fits into the larger picture of classroom instruction.

Performance Tasks/Authentic Assessments

Asking students to take information learned and apply it to real world situations is what GoQuest is all about. Use our Performance Task template below to begin the process of mapping out the actual task.

Then use an Assignment in GoQuest to build it out for the students. Use the directions to be explicit about student expectations. Provide common activities for all students, and then use differentiated activities for additional research. Include rubrics for the task as file attachment, plus any other needed resources. Finally, include questions at the end. These questions should not only guide students through the process, but provide evaluative feedback at the end.

Sample Performance Task - this task is not in the format of the template. We are attempting to list out the information in the format of our assignment, hoping it would help demonstrate how an assignment would work as a performance task.


Use your Activities and Differentiated Activities to:

1. Make a story web with your main character and events for beginning, middle, and end. (see attached resource)

2. Respond to the Questions at the END of the Assignment.

3. Use the story web to write a rough draft in Google Docs. Share document with

4. Edit your story - check for complete sentences and correct spelling, punctuation/capitalization.

5. Find a peer to edit.

6. Write a final copy.

7. Make a Buffalo Skin using Indian Symbols to tell your story.    

a. trace pattern on brown paper bag and cut out (bag in Art Station)    

b. brainstorm Native American symbols to represent the main events of your story    

c. use a black marker to draw symbols in a circular pattern to tell your story    

d. evaluate with Buffalo Skin Pictorial Story Rubric (see attached resource)


Elements of  a Story

Analyzing a Pictorial Poster

Egyptian Writing


Differentiated Activities

up to 10

Subject: Social Studies

Topic: Native Americans




Story Web

Buffalo Skin Pictorial Story Rubric


1. Describe the setting of your story: where did it take place?

2. Describe the setting of your story: when did it take place?

3. Add any additional details about the main character that do not stand out in the story web.

4. Who peer edited your story? Would you ask them to do it again? Why?

5. Did you brainstorm Native American symbols with other people or alone? Did you look up any symbols? If yes, please add a list of resources.

6. Is it more effective to tell stories with words or with symbols? Defend your response


Assignment Plan Template - Example
Assignment Plan Template - Blank
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Performance Task Template
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Integrating Assignments

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