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Importing Students

Creating Student Infrastructure

Students can be imported into the system quite easily.

Navigate to the Import Student menu.

Download the template.

Fill in the columns of the template.

  • Please do not use special characters or spaces in the csv file
  • School = school code (if your school code has spaces in it, replace spaces with "_")
  • Grade = numeric 0-12 (0=K)
  • Profiletype
    • Bypass - bypasses the profiler; perfect for K-1 students
    • EZ - recommended for students grades 2-4
    • Standard - recommended for students grades 5+
    • Spanish - recommended for fluent Spanish students grades 5+
  • Teacher = teacher username from Teacher Import file
  • Gender = use M or F
  • StudentID = unique number for each student

Click the Upload Button.

If there are errors, those will list down below.

Correct the errors, resave the csv file, and reupload. Once the errors are resolved, the import will run fairly quickly.


Student Import File

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