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Assignment Sharing

Help your teachers be efficient

GoQuest now offers the ability for teachers to share assignments with each other. This means they can take their pacing guide, divide and conquer, and have a plethora of assignments to get through the school year.

Assignments are created through a teacher login. To review the process, use the Assignments menu from the Teachers Guide.

We recommend teachers test the assignments before sharing out to the entire school.

How do I look at what they want to share?

To see what a teacher feels is good enough to share with everyone, navigate to the Shared Assignments menu.

When it is ready for review, it will say Pending under status, and you will see these icons

The first icon, allows you to view what was submitted.

How do I publish the assignment?

To publish the assignment, click on the second icon in the list gq sharingassignments needsaction.JPG

You will then be prompted to confirm that you want to share with everyone:

When you click OK, you will receive the next message once it is saved.

How do my teachers access it once published?

To access a published/shared assignment, you have to be logged in as a teacher.

Navigate to the Assignments menu.

Click on big orange button.

Select Shared Assignment. This opens a drop down menu where you will select the assignment by name.

Once you select the assignment, it will open the assignment in the wizard, creating a local copy, just like it would a Super Starter assignment.

The teacher can then edit their local copy.

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