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End of Year Process

Before Running the End of Year Process...

  • Identify who will run the End of Year processes for your schools. The procedure can be run only once per school, and the procedure cannot be reversed.
  • Identify and run all necessary/valuable reports for your district and school prior to running End of Year processes. Examples:
    • District/School Utilization Reports
    • Student Profile Reports
  • Decide what process you will run during the End of Year processes. Keep in mind that the End of Year processes will be performed on all students in the selected school.
    • Promote All Students –This process will promote all students to the next grade level.
    • Graduate Student – This process will graduate (delete) all students who are above the maximum grade level for their school.
    • Remove Enrollments – This process will remove all students from their teachers’ rosters.

Recommended Steps for Running End of Year

  1. REVIEW the detailed End of Year procedure below for step-by-step instructions on how to complete the End of Year process.
  2. CONTACT US using our contact information below, if you have any questions, need help, or would like us to walk you through running the End of Year procedures.
  3. NAVIGATE to the End Of Year Processes by logging in as an Administrator.
    1. Under Administration, choose a school from the first dropdown menu.
    2. After selecting a school, choose End Of Year Processes from the second dropdown menu.
  4. PROMOTE students to the next grade level by clicking the Run button under Promote All Students. 
    • The grades listed under End Of Year Processes are the grade levels associated with that school.
  5. GRADUATE (delete) students above the maximum grade level for the school by clicking the Run button under Graduate Students.
    • It is recommended that the grade level be changed to the previous grade for any student that will not be advancing to the next grade prior to running Graduation.
  6. REMOVE ENROLLMENTS for all students in the school by clicking the Run button under Remove Enrollments
    1. All students in the school will be removed from their teachers’ rosters.
    2. Students will still be able to log in and access activities and retake, or edit, their profile.
    3. Any assignments given by a previous teacher will be removed from the student. If a previous teacher re-adds a student to their roster, those assignments will be reassigned to the student, and their previous progress will be preserved.

Need help with this process? Reach out to Customer Support at or call at 1.800.678.1412.


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