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The Renzulli Profiler®

Discover Individual Learning Profiles

Differentiating and personalizing instruction begins with understanding what makes students tick—their likes and dislikes, the ways they like to communicate, and they ways they like to learn. When students are matched with highly customized learning opportunities that appeal to them individually, the response is greater engagement, deeper learning, and increased motivation.

Reflecting more than 30 years of research and use with students across the world, the Student Profiler uncovers each student’s unique “profile” through a series of questions about his or her interests and ways of communicating and learning. Students log into GoQuest™, complete the Student Profiler, and the result is a comprehensive digital snapshot of each student that teachers can use to differentiate instruction.



The first time your student logs in to GoQuest, he/she will answer some questions about what subjects he/she likes to study and which activities interest him/her.


Your student will click into each section of the profile and complete the questions. Depending on the version of the profiler given, the number of questions will vary.

GoQuest Student Profiling EZ Read.JPG

EZ Profiler

GoQuest Student Profiling Standard.JPGStandard Profiler

Profile Results

GoQuest Student Profile Results.JPG

When the profile is complete, the student sees his/her results immediately.

GoQuest Student Profile Results Details.JPG

When he/she hovers over the circles, he/she can learn more about each result.





Editing the ProfileGoQuest Student Profile Edit.png

If the student needs to redo or adjust his/her profile, he/she can click on the Edit button in the top right corner.

This opens up the profile questions and answers, where he/she can change the section he/she wants to edit.

From there, you can click on a question, make the change, and when completely finished - click Save Changes.

Changing the Profiler Type

The best place to change the type of profile immediately is from the students account. Best practice is to do it from the teacher's Students menu.

To change the profiler as a student, click on My Stuff in the top right corner. Then click on My Account.

GoQuest Student My Account.jpg

Scroll down to Your Profile, and select the version that is appropriate. Tip: Note that there is a Spanish version of the profiler.

Warning: Any work that has already been completed on the profile will be deleted and the student must start over.

GoQuest Student Profile Change.JPG


Profile Results Ticket


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