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GoQuest Technical Requirements

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  Windows Mac Mobile
      Chromebook iPad* Android*
OS Windows 7 or higher Mac OS X Lion or higher Chrome OS iOS 6 or higher Android 4.3 or higher
Browsers Internet Explorer 10 or higher Safari 6 or higher Chrome (current) Safari 6 or higher Chrome (current)
  Chrome (current) Chrome (current)     Firefox (current)
  Firefox (current) Firefox (current)      
Plugins** Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Viewer    
  Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Player    
  Adobe Shockwave Player Adobe Shockwave Player      
  Apple QuickTime Apple QuickTime      
  Sun Java J2SE Sun Java J2SE      
* Any activity or resource that requires Flash (or any other plugin not supported by the mobile platform) will need to be accessed using Windows, Mac or Chromebook. All other functionality within GoQuest is supported on these platforms.
** Plugin requirements vary based on the activities or resources that will be accessed via GoQuest
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