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CompassLearning Hybridge is a sophisticated instructional management system offering browser‐based curriculum, comprehensive assessment, and broad‐based reporting. Hybridge includes exciting graphics, interactive animation, creative sound design, and hands‐on activities that engage students and envelop them in a unique learning experience.

There are three easy ways to blend Hybridge into your current instruction.

  1. Use pre-created assignments in the Assignment Archive to quickly assign lessons aligned to the standards you are currently teaching. 

HybridgeOverview prepop assign.bmp


  1. Use the “standards” view in the Assignment Builder to choose standards-aligned lessons or sections of lessons that you want to use with your students. 

standards view assignment builder.png


  1. Use pre-created diagnostics plus assignments in the Assignment Archive to quickly assign a pre-test followed by customized, individualized learning paths that address one or several standards for each student, based on that student’s needs.  

test builder standards view.png

Hybridge works with any state or Common Core standards-aligned curriculum. Simply identify the standards you plan to teach in a unit, and then select and assign the corresponding standards-aligned lessons in Hybridge.

For details on getting started, see the following pages:

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