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Main Sections in Hybridge

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After you log in, the first page you see is your Dashboard.  The Dashboard is one of several main sections that you can access by clicking the corresponding tab at the top of the page.

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These tabs enable you to perform various tasks:

  • Dashboard – Get a quick overview of student status, students' progress on assignments, and the most current data (up to the previous day) on student assessments.
  • My Students – Create and modify classes, create student records and update teacher information, and assign students to classes. You can also view and maintain student and class information and subject level access. All class information can be easily imported and exported.
  • Courses & Assignments – Build and manage the content of your courses, review class and student progress, and create edit, save, and assign assignments. This section also allows you to view assignments created for your school or for all schools in your district.
  • Assessment – Using the Item Bank, browse test items for use in creating custom objective-based tests. Using Objective Builder, create custom standard strands to meet individual district or school needs. Using Test Builder, customize and build diagnostic-prescriptive tests. Create standards, strands, objectives, questions, and answer choices, and use them in custom assessment tests.
  • Reports – Generate a variety of report types (such as Administration, Progress, and Assessment) to see how your students are progressing.
  • Content – Use the Curriculum Index to browse all Compass Learning curricula. Use the Resource page to find details on scope and sequence descriptions of subjects, and other user support information.
  • Message Center – The internal messaging function allows teachers to send simple text messages to students within the system. The Message Center is a “closed” messaging tool, meaning that messages sent do not travel outside the school or via the public web. Students cannot send messages to other students, but can reply to a teacher’s message or compose a new message to a teacher. Standard email format (for example, is not used in the Message Center.
  • Community – The Community is an online forum designed to facilitate focused discussion between teachers and students. Teachers and administrators create topics and threads, then use access controls to allow students to post comments. Teachers can also create customized learning activities based on Community topics, then assign, track, and report on those activities. All topics and threads must be created by school teachers or administrators; students have post-only privileges.
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