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Hybridge Textbook Alignments

Using Textbook-Aligned Curriculum

Hybridge includes curriculum alignments to the most popular textbooks. You can set up textbook-aligned curriculum from the Assignment Builder, Assignment Archive, and Test Builder sections of Hybridge.

Textbook-Aligned Curriculum in the Assignment Builder

You can view textbook-aligned curriculum from the Assignment Builder by clicking the Textbooks tab when doing your curriculum search.

textbook tab in assignment builder.png

From the Textbooks tab, select a Subject from the drop down menu in the left panel, and then select the grade level you want to search. You can then continue to select curriculum just as you would when using any other type of curriculum in the Assignment Builder.

Using Fast-Start Assignments from the Assignment Archive

Textbook-aligned "Fast Start Assignments" are available via special arrangement during your school's implementation process. The content of these assignments will vary depending on your state, standards, chosen textbooks, and other criteria. If your district orders these pre-populated assignments, Compass Learning’s Learning Services team will pre-populate your Hybridge account with assignments that are based on your specified textbook(s). You can use the search criteria on the left side of the Assignment Archive page to quickly find what you need. Assignments are organized by topic, chapter, or unit, matching the structure of your textbook, so you can simply choose the assignment you want and assign it to students.

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Finding Hybridge Fast Start Assignments

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