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Learning Paths

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Some assignments include a learning path, a set of activities designed to cover the objectives a student has not mastered in an objective‐based test, an exit exam (for high school level curriculum), or an external test external. You can build an objective‐based test using the curriculum; create one with custom assessment objectives; or create one using your state’s objectives (where applicable). Your Compass Learning solution will create a learning path based on objective‐based tests. Learning paths based on customized objectives must be created manually. For details on creating objective-based tests, see Test Builder.

Also, a teacher may administer an exit exam as part of a high school course. Alternatively, in schools that have purchased support for the Test Translator, the test is administered outside of Compass Learning. Administrators use Test Translator to import test results into Compass Learning solutions, and a learning path is automatically created based on the results of the NWEA or state test.


Note: A learning path may include curriculum or curriculum levels that a school has not purchased. Students have access to the curriculum, but you can edit only those assignments containing curriculum and curriculum levels that your school has purchased.

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