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How to Register a Student

You can register a student (that is, create a new student record) from the My Students page. After you have clicked the My Students tab, you see three small drop-down menus at the top left side of the center panel. (These menus are visible whether you are viewing student, class, school, or binder information.) The menus are labeled New, Actions, and Run Report.


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Personal Information and Subject Level Access

Use the New... menu to create a new student record. Click New... and select Student. The Student Profile window opens. Enter the student's personal information in the fields shown. Use the scroll bar on the right side of the window to scroll downward in order to view all of the available attributes.

Note: You must provide the required personal information (indicated with a red asterisk) before you can specify Subject Level Access on the next tab.

After you have supplied personal information, specify Subject Level Access by clicking the Subjects tab. Subject Level Access dictates the highest grade level a student has access to for a particular subject. Not all grade levels have access to all subjects; however, a student can be placed in a grade level that offers the subject, even if it is higher than the student's overall grade. You must select at least one subject for Subject Level Access before you can click Save.

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