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Class Details

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A class includes one or multiple students and belongs to (is associated with) one teacher; however, you can also add Co-Teachers to your classes. (Co-Teachers can assign work to students and can monitor student progress. For more information, see Adding Co-Teachers to Classes.)  When you click My Classes in the left navigation panel, the main section of the page shows the classes you have created.

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Click the title of a class in the left navigation panel. A list of the students enrolled in that class appears in the center panel. When you have a student (or students) selected from this list, the Actions menu gives you the following options:

  • Add to Binder: Adds the student to a binder. Select a binder from the pop-up box that appears, or click Create New to create a new binder. When you have highlighted the name of the binder you want to use, click Add.

  • Add to Class: Adds the student to a class. Select a class from the pop-up box that appears, or click Create New to create a new class. When the name of the class you want to use is highlighted, click Add.

  • Remove from Class: Removes the student record from the class. The student record remains, and is available to be added to another class.

  • Attach Attributes: Lets you specify gender, ethnicity, race, special needs, and other attributes for the selected student.

Note: When you select My Classes in the left navigation panel and highlight the name of a class, displaying the students in it, the Actions menu includes an additional option, "Remove from Class." This occurs because you can only remove a student from a class if you are viewing the student based on class enrollment. When you select My Students in the left navigation menu and open a list of your students--not based on class enrollment--the Actions menu only includes the "Add to Binder," "Add to Class," and "Attach Attributes" options. 

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