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Using the Item Bank


The Item Bank gives you access to repositories of test items you can use to create custom objective-based tests. You can use the test items as designed, or you can copy and modify any item in the bank to fit your needs. You can also create your own custom items. You can store your custom test items in the Item Bank for other teachers to use. 

The Item Bank includes two sections:

  • Practice Items. The Practice Items bank contains test items created by Compass Learning. You can use these test items as they were designed, or you can paste a copy of a test item into the School Items bank and make changes to the copied test item.
  • School Items. Initially, the School Items bank will not contain test items. This repository gets populated with test items that were created by teachers and school administrators.

Copying, Creating, and Editing Test Items

You can copy test items for re-use as you build tests, or you can create (and edit) new items that align with your testing objectives.

How to Copy a Test Item

  1. From the Assessment tab in the main menu, click Item Bank.
  2. With the Item Bank page open, click Practice Items.

odyssey practice items.png

  1. Select the subject and grade level you want to use.
  2. From the tree that opens in the left navigation panel, click your desired topic.
  3. Expand the topic to show sub-sections. Click the sub-section for which you want to copy a test item. Test questions will appear in the center panel.
  4. Check one or multiple questions and click the Copy icon.

copy icon.png

  1. Click the School Items button to make it the target for your copied items. Then click the Paste icon. 

paste icon.png

The copied test items are pasted into the target item bank.

  1. After your items have been copied to the school item bank, you can make changes to them by clicking the pencil-shaped Edit icon next to the test item. The item opens in a separate window, in Item Builder.

edit a copied test item.png

  1. Make your desired changes to the test item and click Save at the top right corner of the Item Builder page. Click the Exit button to close the Item Builder. You are returned to the Item Bank page.
  2. Click Save Changes at the top of the center panel to save your changes to the Item Bank. To cancel your changes, click Cancel.


CAUTION: Remember to save your changes. Closing the Item Bank without saving changes locks that area of the Item Bank to all other users.

How to Create a New Test Item

To create a new test item:

  1. In the main navigation menu, select Assessment > Item Bank.
  2. Select a subject and grade level that will correspond with the item you want to create.
  3. The tree in the left navigation panel displays skills associated with the subject and topic.
  4. Click the item in the tree for which you want to create a test question.
  5. If test items already exist in this category, they will appear in the center panel. If there are currently no test items for this category, click Create New Test Item in the upper right corner of the center panel.

create new test item icon.png

Item Builder launches. You can create the new test item in Item Builder.

  1. In the Title field, give the test item a name. The test item’s title will be displayed in the Item Bank. Optionally, to provide additional information about the test item, click Properties and enter information in the Test Item Properties box.
  2. Starting with Section 1, enter the test question. Your question may include text, graphics, sound, and equations. Additionally, the test question may be framed by a box and be a fixed size. If you select Fixed Size and the question requires more space than the size of the box, a scroll bar is displayed at the side of the box.
  3. Define a minimum of two distractors, and click the button corresponding to the correct answer.
  4. To preview the test item, click View. Make changes if necessary.
  5. When you have finished, click Save.
  6. To create another test item, click New Item.
  7. From Item Bank, click Save Changes.​

Note: Tests that use Draft test items cannot be assigned.

How to Edit a Test Item

  1. In the main navigation menu, select Assessment > Item Bank.
  2. Click School Items.
  3. Selecting a subject and grade level.
  4. From the tree in the left navigation panel, click the desired topic and skill. Test items are displayed in the grid in the center panel. 
  5. Locate the test item you want to edit.
  6. Launch Item Builder by clicking the pencil-shaped Edit icon that appears next to the test question. The Item Builder window opens.

item builder described.png

  1. After you have finished making your edits, click Save.

What's Next?

When you have copied or created the test items you need, you can finish building the objective-based test (or you can store items at this point and continue building the test at a later time).

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