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Printing a Test

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You can view all assignments, but you can edit only your own assignments. To edit an assignment that is not your own, open it and save it as a copy.


Note: You can copy assignments that include objective‐based tests, but you can only edit a test if you created it. Even in the case of assignments that you have copied, you must be the owner of a test in order to edit it.


  1. Under the Courses & Assignments tab, select Assignment Archive.
  2. From the Search tab, search for the assignment you wish to edit using the search criteria in the left navigation panel. You can search for assignments by AvailabilitySubjectGrade, or KeywordClick Search. Your search results appear in the center panel.
  1. Select the assignment you want to edit and click Edit.
  2. The Assignment Properties window opens. Make your desired changes to the properties of the assignment.

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