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2 Student Assignments

Student Assignments

Students who work in Compass Learning® are given assignments based on a variety of factors and through different way. No matter how it happens, everyone ends up in a Learning Path.

Learning paths are assigned based on each student's individual needs, typically based on an assessment.

To learn more, watch this video:

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Practice Resources

Practice resources typically ask students to open a link the opens a new browser tab. Opening this link is required to activate the "finish" button. Students must click on the "finish" button to move on in their learning path.

Watch the video  below to learn more:

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Writer Activities

Learning paths in Reading (ELA) and Math may have Writer activities within. These activities look a little different than the usual audio based activities, and students may not be sure what to do.

Watch the video below for some tips on navigating and moving past the Writer activities.


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Students will complete quizzes along the way. These are checks for understanding, and help the teacher know where the student may need additional assistance.


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