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Student Learning Paths

Step 3: Learning paths just for me

When I finish the diagnostic, I see a set of folders on my screen. These are my "learning paths" and they have activities chosen just for me. All intended to help me get better at reading.

All I have to do is click on the folders and work through the activities. The activities are actually fun! I have to read in most of them, but it's stuff I really enjoy reading. And you know what? I keep getting better and better!

To learn more about the learning paths and the different types of activities, watch the video below.


Which learning paths do I work on and in what order?

When your diagnostic assessment is finished, the asterisk * moves from the assessment to the learning path folder.

Click into it.

Each box you see is a learning path for a standard. The brightly colored folders are required. The greyed out boxes are the ones you tested out of on the diagnostic. Follow the asterisk and click into that learning path.

It's time to do some activities

Once you are in a specific standard's folder, you should still follow the asterisk. You will find learning activities:


Writer activities:                                                      And Quizzes:


As you complete activities and quizzes, they will check off and the asterisk will move to the next box.

What if I don't pass a quiz?

We have set the expectation that you pass a quiz with a 70%. If you do not pass it the first time, you will cycle back, have some re-teaching, and then have a second opportunity to take the quiz again.

Use that second chance to review and improve your notes, and ask questions of your teacher if you still aren't understanding.

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