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Best Practices

Developing life-long learning strategies

Like I mentioned in the last module, my language arts teachers has us keep a notebook. If we don't bring it with us when we work on Pathblazer, we lose points. So I always have mine.

We are expected to have notebook paper, our portfolio log, any reports she printed and asked our parents to sign, and our monthly Progress Monitoring report.

Need some help with organization? Watch the video below for some suggestions from our training experts.

Notebook recommendations

Your teacher may ask you to keep a notebook. We recommend including some of the following pieces:

Binder or folder with brads


Loose leaf notebook paper


Student Progress/Reflection Log


Offline resources


Progress Reports


Journaling resources




TIP: Keeping a notebook helps when preparing for upcoming quizzes, repeating quizzes, or preparing for larger unit evaluations during class.


Student Portfolio Log K-2
Student Portfolio Log 3+
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