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Student Screener

Step 1: Identifying my proficiency level

In Pathblazer™, my language arts teacher has me complete something she calls a "screener." It's a set of questions - kind of like a pre-test. Some seem easy; others are more difficult. But it only takes  a few minutes to finish.

To see the screener in action, watch the video below.

How do I access the screener?

Once you are logged into Pathblazer, you should see the START button for your screener right away.

How does the screener work?

Once the screener loads, there will be a reading passage on the left, with a question to answer on the right.

As you answer a question, click the NEXT button. The questions are counted as you go.

Once you get half-way through, a new reading passage will load. Be sure to read the directions. Some questions ask for multiple responses.

When you are finished. Click SUBMIT.

If another screener loads, no worries. We are just trying to identify the best proficiency level for you.

TIP: If you need to leave the screener, click on the arrow in the top right corner. You can come back later and pick up right where you left off.

Once you finish the screening process, it will provide the diagnostics for you to begin working on. 

Click NEXT to learn about Student Diagnostics

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