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Student Diagnostics

Step 2: Identifying Where I need More Help

My language arts teacher has said she will be able to see how we did on the screener. Then she says we are going to get another set of activities. She calls it a "diagnostic." The diagnostic tells her what I already know - and what I still need to learn.

To see the diagnostic in action, watch the video below.


How do I start/access the diagnostic?

Once your screener is complete, the diagnostics become available right away. You will see 6 boxes. This is super important - always go in the FIRST box on the left.


TIP: Once that first assignment is finished, the assignments shift and a new assignment will be there - first box on the left.

Click on the box with the asterisk * on it.

This will open your test. Click on the golden arrow in the top right corner to begin.

Read each question carefully. Select the best answer. Click the arrow to move to the next question.

Can I make the reading passage in the scroll box bigger?

YES! Click on the blue box icon in the bottom left corner of the scroll box.

That will open the passage up in a pop-up. You will still have to scroll, but not as much.

What if I can't finish my diagnostic in one sitting?

If you need to take a break, click on the STOP sign button. You can leave the test and return, picking up right where you left off. Be sure to answer that last question because you cannot go back to any previously answered questions.


Once you are all finished with the diagnostic assessment, hit that STOP sign button again.

Pathblazer will process the assessment and assign the perfect learning path.

Click NEXT to learn more about Student Learning Paths.

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