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Student Portfolio

Checking scores and reviewing work

My language arts teacher likes to have us look at our progress each time we work in Pathblazer™ and write it down in our notebooks.

To do this, we us the Student Portfolio. It is really a useful tool. Watch the video below to learn more about the Recent Work, Assignments, and Reports Tabs.

Recent Work

This is the tab your teacher will make you look at the most. It is what you will use to fill out the Student Log we have attached in the resource section.

The recent work tab lists each activity, its title, activity #, subject area, date and time, score, and a status icon.

Hyperlinked items are clickable. You can track which standards you have learning paths for:

And you can review your responses on the quizzes:


The assignments tab allows you to track your assignments and see the details of those assignments. Once you have opened the tab,

Click on details.

View all the activities in that assignment. You can even print the list if you'd like.


Interested in looking at everything you did this week? Run a report.


We recommend running for the last week.

Review your activities. Check scores. Look at the durations (aka, time on task).

You can even click on the activity title (if blue hyperlinked) and repeat the activity. How cool is that?!



Student Portfolio Log K-2
Student Portfolio Log 3+

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