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Teacher Dashboard

Everyone needs a regular temperature check

The Teacher Dashboard is the home screen for each teacher, and the primary teacher tool for monitoring student progress through learning paths.  The Student Status section on the left side displays student average activity scores

TIP: Click on the blue text “Last 30 Days” to modify the time frame for average scores to yesterday, the last 7 days, the year to date, etc.

The Dashboard provides a "temperature check" for students in your class. It only updates once every 24 hours.

RED = 0-59% overall avg    YELLOW = 60-69% overall avg    GREEN = 70% and up overall avg

Student Status

  • Ranks students from low to high
  • Adjustable date ranges
  • Visibility on all assignments
  • Click on student names for more details


At a Glance

  • Shows progress on assignments
  • Color codes student performance
  • Visibility on all assignments
  • Click on pie chart for more details

For a quick run through on the teacher dashboard, watch the video below.



Teacher Dashboard

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