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Class Progress

Real time data when you need it

Class Progress, like the teacher dashboard, is another in-line teacher tool, with several features for exploring a student's individual progress or the class's progress on an assignment as a whole.

Class Progress provides me with:

  • Class visibility on an assignment
  • Individual visibility on an assignment
  • Individual progress on quizzes
  • Quiz item analysis




I can use class progress to:

  • Document progress for individual assignments
  • Document progress for common assignments/assessments
  • Print out quiz results
  • Conference with individual students
  • Conference with parents

To learn more about using Class Progress, watch the video below.


Viewing progress on a diagnostic

To see how a student is progressing on a specific diagnostic assignment, Class Progress provides quick and easy access.

Navigate into the Courses & Assignments menu.

Then navigate into Class Progress.

Expand your class list and select the student you want to view.

Locate the diagnostic for which you want to view the details. Click Details.

Scroll through the list in the bottom pane, or click the Printable Version button.

TIP: The Printable Version button provides a pop-up version which you can expand to whole screen. Not only can you print, but you can use this view to conference with individual students.

On the printable version a teacher can view all of the completed activities in an assignment, with the following details: activity title, activity #, date and time completed, score.

When/if a student repeats an activity and/or quiz, the teacher can see it listed in the details (if a student types in the code it will not show on this screen).

Activities are listed in order of completion with the newest/most recent typically at the bottom.

Viewing progress on a quiz

When looking at the details of an assignment in Class Progress, you will see hyperlinked scores. Click on these to view an item analysis of that particular quiz for just that student.

This view is handy for individual student conferencing and identifying where students still have misconceptions.

It is also printable for those who would like to send home and communicate with Mom and Dad.

Reviewing activities

As you are reviewing the details of an assignment, you may wonder about the instructional activities, or Digital Learning Objects (DLO's), that the students are actually working on.

When viewing the details, you will notice some activity titles are hyperlinked. Clicking on these allows the teacher to view the activity in teacher preview mode (you can forward through the activity, while students cannot).

This is another great strategy for individual student conferencing - especially if the student didn't master a quiz the second time.


Class Progress

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