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Student Portfolio

Students self-evaluate

The student portfolio serves primarily as a student self-monitoring tool, allowing students to see their scores, responses on quizzes, assignment progress, and even run reports. Partnered with the student log, students are more likely to stay organized and on track for success.

For a refresher on student usage of the student portfolio, refer to the student experience.

Teacher's assistant

Many teachers report great success using the student portfolio as a daily tool. Let's take a closer look.

Exit Ticketsstudent portfolio log 3+.JPG

Before leaving class, or changing stations, leave a few minutes for students to add their activities to their student log.

While they are writing everything down, walk around the room (or area). Don't spend too much time at their individual computers. Focus on the Status Icons. How many are complete and how many are incomplete? Make a note, mental or otherwise, and investigate further when you have time.


Proximity Tool

We have all had students who exhibit difficulties staying on task occasionally. The student portfolio is a quick and easy way to engage the student about being off task, and an even easier way to redirect them back to the task at hand.

TIP: Develop a quiet signal that lets students know they should open their portfolio. This is especially useful during blended learning rotations.

Weekly Reporting

We have heard many teachers express frustration about not having enough time to generate weekly progress reports. We don't disagree, and the great news is - students can run their own reports.

Pick a day of the week, and have students check their own progress. They can cross check the student progress report with their student log.

If you have time, and want to provide this option, you can also allow students to click on the activity titles to repeat select activities.

As you use Pathblazer more, begin using the student progress report for individual student conferences and even student-led conferencing.


Student Portfolio Tips
Student Portfolio Log K-2
Student Portfolio Log 3+
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