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Reaching Capacity

How can I fit in 90-120 minutes of Pathblazer™ utilization in the classroom per week?

Whole Group Instruction

Use interactive board technology; SMART boards, Promethean Boards, Projectors, Mimio, etc. to integrate Pathblazer into whole group instruction or create a small group learning center.

Grouping Students for Intervention

Identify students in targeted intervention groups.  If needed, limit the number of participating students to ensure all students have enough time for technology access.

Home Use

Encourage students to use Pathblazer at home or during before/after school programs. Remember, Pathblazer works on any device anywhere there’s internet connectivity.


Blended Learning Rotations

Set-up a rotation schedule for students to access Pathblazer on classroom computers, laptops, netbooks, etc.

Students can work during:

  • Learning centers/stations
  • Math groups
  • Independent work periods
  • Intervention times
  • Instructional blocks
Other Ideas

Work with the technology teacher, librarian, or media specialist on a schedule or process to send students down to work on Pathblazer independently, on any open/available computers.  Use a laminated or paper pass to identify students have been sent down for this purpose.

Classroom Management
  • Use quiet signals to alert teacher that a student using Pathblazer needs help – ex. red/green/yellow cards to display by the computer
  • Use a display board, pockets, cards, clothespins, etc. to indicate students who will work on Pathblazer or in computer center.
  • Sign out just a few laptops, netbooks, or iPads and set up a learning center. 
  • Create a Pathblazer “Geek” Squad (student experts) who can answer simple questions while students are working on Pathblazer.

How long does it take to complete an activity?

  • Use the chart below estimated timeframes for completing activities to help plan access to Pathblazer.  Times are listed based on the activity grade level.
  • We recommend planning at least 20 minutes for each Pathblazer work session to allow students time to complete a full activity.
K-2 3-5 6-8 9-12
5 min 10 min 15 min 20+ min

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