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Communicating with Parents

Communicating with Parents

Parents can be key to successfully accelerating students. We need them for many reasons:

  • Rides after school
  • Signing activity logs for working at home
  • Helping students login or access Pathblazer
  • Providing prizes for student motivators
  • Helping students celebrate success
  • Helping students talk through challenges


Begin by sending home a letter to parents introducing them to Pathblazer, and providing access information. We recommend including the student’s login information. Parents will probably hang it on the refrigerator.


Include a link on the school, district, or teacher website to the Pathblazer login page. Place reminders in school newsletters and communications.


Consider introducing parents to Pathblazer during an Open House, Meet the Teacher night, “Blast off with Pathblazer” night, parent teacher conferences, etc. During the night, have an open lab or available computers/devices where parents can login to Pathblazer to explore their child’s account.  If possible have the student give them a “tour” of Pathblazer.

Print the Student Progress Report and send it home weekly with students (at least for target implementation group). If you have time, you can set it up to schedule & send through the reports wizard. Take it a step further by including the Student Portfolio Log to communicate student scores from their perspective.


Include information on your teacher website or homework page on what students should be focusing on when working on Pathblazer at home. Home is a fabulous time for students to type in activity codes that focus on specific strategies. Pair it with a discussion question or creative activity (aka foldable) to spark a talk between parent and child. Especially effective if using the reflections/notes and teacher comments section.


Encourage students to work on Pathblazer over school breaks by holding competitions. Have a launch party with parents and community members.


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