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Hi! I'm Ms. Johnson.

I have been working in education since before you were born, and you know, there is a lot of new technology and new tools, but the kids are really still the same. Students need:

- Acceleration in areas they struggle

- To build foundational skills

- To gain confidence

- Re-teaching when required

Thanks to technology, we have new ways to address our students' needs. Today I introduced Pathblazer™ to my teachers. Pathblazer will support our Data-Driven Decision making through its reports and data visualization tools.

Hi! I'm Mr. Smith

I am my district's Technology Director. It is my responsibility to update each of our programs, adding users, and keeping the program running in general. In order for me to do my part, I have to know how to manage the Pathblazer system.

Whether you are a school or district level administrator like Ms. Johnson, or a technologist like Mr. Smith, use the menus below to explore the administrative tasks in Pathblazer.






Administrator Resources

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Onboarding Guide


print guides.pngAdministrative Reporting Guide

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