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Adding Administrators

As the administrator or technology coordinator, you may be responsible for adding administrators.

Administrators, district or school level, are handled with a manual process. If you want to add a district level administrator, you must be logged in with the district administrator. If you want to add a school administrator, you must be logged in as either the district or school administrator.

Watch the video below to walk through that process. 

TIP: Have your login information so that you can truly follow along.

Manually adding Administrators

Login as your administrator. This is actually simpler under the School Administrator, but can be done as a District Admin as well. It all depends on what level of administrator you need. District level admin must be created as a district level admin. School level admin can be created from either.

Find the New button towards the center top of the screen and hover over it.

Select Administrator.

Complete the Teacher profile - Personal Information Tab.

Required fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username
  • Password - must contain at least 6 letters and 2 numbers
  • Email address - "dummy" emails are acceptable

Review permissions on the right. Administrators can have reporting only access by selecting the correct permissions.

Click Save.

Click NEXT to learn about administrative reports

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