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Utilization Report

The Utilization Report provides summative information for a school or campus. It is most useful to administrators, but can be generated as a teacher. With this report, I can see student usage, average session times, average time on task, average # of activities completed, and average scores - by grade level. Click through the presentation below to walk through the process.

TIP: Click on the gear icon in the bottom of the presentation to download a printable PDF of the presentation.

Running a Utilization Report

The Utilization Report is ideal for administrators and Compass Learning leaders to monitor a school’s overall implementation progress. 


  1. Navigate to the Reports Tab.
  2. Choose Administration Reports on the left side under Compass Learning Reports


  1. Click on Settings next to the Default Utilization Report
    • A window will open confirming that the report has queued.  Close the popup window.
    • Click on My Reporting Queue on the left side of the screen.
    • The Utilization Report status may say “queued”.  Click on the Refresh button on the top right to check if the report is completed.

Click “View as PDF” to view the report.

Understating Your Utilization Report

The default Utilization Report will include usage from the past 7 days. 

  • Total Number of Students reflects the number of students enrolled in Compass Learning


  • Total Number of Students Reported reflects the number of students that logged into Compass Learning in the past 7 days


  • Average Scores should be higher than 70%.  Many students may need to complete an activity more than once to achieve a mastery score (higher than 70%).  If average scores are low, encourage teachers to conference with students, set goals, provide additional tutoring as needed, and ensure students repeat activities with low scores.


  • The Number of Students Interval shows how many students used Compass Learning for 0-59 minutes, 1-2 hours, 2-4 hours, and 4+ hours in the last 7 days.  Intervention students should be completing a minimum of 90-120 minutes per week.  Pathblazer only measures Time on Task, so plan for students to have more than 90-120 minutes of technology access per week to allow time for logging in, reviewing portfolios, navigating to activities, and taking breaks


Utilization Report

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