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The Writer Tool


The Writer tool is designed to help you improve and develop your writing skills. Your teachers will create and assign Writer projects for you as part of your assignment, and you can use features available in the tool to help you during the writing process. 

Writer projects are clearly labeled as part of the assignment on your student launch pad (see the example below).

writer project in dashboard.png


When you click the tile to open the Writer project, the project opens with your teacher's instructions and prompts showing in the Writer tool. A good practice is to click the "copy" icon in the lower left corner of the writer window, which will copy the instructions and prompts into your writer project (on the second page).

copy prompt in writer.png

This way you can refer back to the instructions and prompts as you write.

If you prefer, you can read the instructions and prompts when you first open the project and then close the  instructions window and begin writing. (However, if you wish to refer back to the instructions and prompts, you will have to close and re-open the project.) 

The Drafting Tool

When you open a Writer project, you will be in the Drafting section. (This is also the section that opens if you are already in the Writer tool and you click File > New Project.) In the Drafting tool area, you can write free-form (the is no pre-designed outline or page structure in the Drafting tool).

drafting tool.png

Page Templates

From the drafting tool, clicking the New Page icon at the top of the page gives you the option to select a template for your next page. Using a template may help you to structure your writing project, but you are not required to use them. If you wish to continue writing in free-form on your new page, select the Free Form template. The other templates may be helpful to you depending upon the type of Writing project you are working on.

writer templates.png

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