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Click the Gradebook icon on the left side of your home page to open your student Gradebook.


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The Gradebook provides an overview of the work you have completed in each of your courses, including project status, completion date, and total score.

Finding Information in the Gradebook

The Gradebook tracks your scores and the amount of work you have completed in a course. In the example below, the student has accessed his Gradebook and is viewing the course information for Evolutionary Biology.

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The pull-down menu at the top of the page enables you to select the course you want to view. Click the drop-down arrow to view a list of your courses. From this list, select the course you want to see.

biology course in dropdown.png


The View options allow you to display your Gradebook information either sequentially, by activity type, or by status. (In the example above, information is displayed sequentially.)

gradebook view options.png


The blue row at the bottom of the Gradebook shows the percentage of work completed in the course, as well as the student's overall score.

gradebook totals.png

In this example, the student has completed six out of six items in the course (including activities, quizzes, and tests), so the Gradebook shows that 100% of work has been completed. The other number in this row - 71% - reflects the student's overall score in the course. This number is calculated by averaging all of the student's scores on scored activities, and any other scores that the teacher has entered manually. 

Where are My Letter Grades?

If you don't see letter grades in your Gradebook, your teacher may have chosen not to associate letter grades with your numerical scores. Teachers can set this up when they build your courses. If you have questions about letter grades and numerical scores, talk to your teacher.

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