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The Teacher Dashboard


The Teacher Dashboard gives you a quick and efficient overview of student data, which helps you get a basic idea of your students' daily learning progress. Data in the Dashboard is updated every night.

The Teacher Dashboard includes three sections: the Student Status Gadget, Assignments and Assessments at a Glance, and a panel describing what's new in the product.

The Student Status Gadget

The Student Status Gadget appears in the left panel of the Dashboard screen. Student names are listed according to each student's test scores and overall progress, with the students whose metrics are lowest appearing at the top of the list.

You can view a student's average score, either for all of that student's activities or only for activities that were assigned by you. To switch between these views, click the hyperlink that describes the view.

You can view the status of work assigned within the last 30 days, the last 7 days, the past day, or the year-to-date. To change the time frame of results shown, click the words that describe your current time frame. A drop-down menu appears. Select a new time frame from the menu.

student status timeframe.png

Clicking an individual student's name from the list in the Student Status gadget opens a pop-up window that contains additional information about that student's progress.

status gadget pop up.png

At the bottom of that pop-up window is a Student Details link; clicking that link opens the full page of details for that student as it appears in the My Students section.

Assignments and Assessments at a Glance

The At a Glance pie chart appears on the right side of the Dashboard page. The chart provides average score information on recent assignments, as well as on recent assessments (depending on the tab you select at the top of the panel.)
If you select the Assignments tab, you can select an assignment from the pull-down menu in order to view score information on that assignment. (The last ten assignments you have assigned to students will be listed in the menu). After you select an assignment, the chart displays average scores for that assignment.
Note: Clicking a piece of the pie opens a pop-up window with additional scoring information. 

pie chart.png

If the you select the Assessments tab, you will be prompted to choose a standard, subject, and grade level for the score you wish to see. The chart then displays the average scores for that objective. For example, if you choose "Common Core," "Language Arts," and "Grade 8," you will see the average score for that particular objective. (You must click on each of the three links to set your desired criteria before you can see a chart.)

What's New

The lower right section of the teacher dashboard gives you a quick glance at new features available in the product or any updates that have been made to the product since our last version was released.

whats new panel.png


Video: The Teacher Dashboard

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