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Creating and Using Groups

Groups are used primarily for reporting. If you want to run reports on a group of students who are not all enrolled in the same class but are spread across several classes, you can create a group, put all of the students into that group, and then run reports on the students in that group. 

Individual students, groups of students, and/or classes can be placed in a group. Instead of having to drill through the students names as they are listed in the Students tab in the Reporting section, you can run a report on one group that contains all the students you want included in the report. 

To create a group, click the My Students or My School link in the left navigation panel. From the pull-down menu at the top of the center panel, select New > Group.

add new group.png


Create a name for the group and click Save.

group name.png


To add students to a group: open your list of students, select the check boxes for the students you want to include, select Add to group from the Actions pull-down menu, and click Add.

add students to science lab.png


The students are added to the group you specified.

students in science lab group.png

Running Reports on a Group

You can run any report on a group that you have built. For example, to run a Student Progress report on the students in a group:

  1. Click My Groups in the left navigation panel. From the list of groups that appear, select the group you want to target with the report.
  2. Click Run Report, and from the pull-down menu that opens, select the report category. A second menu opens showing reports in that category.
  3. Select the report you want to use (in this example, "Student Progress").

run reports on group.png


  1. A separate window opens, prompting you to configure settings for the report. Click through the settings tabs to specify the details of the report. When you reach the Students tab, the students in the group you chose will already be specified to be included in the report.

grouped students in report.png


When you run the report, it will show Student Progress data for the students in the group you selected.
For more details on reporting, see the Reporting Guide.

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