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Your Student Home Page


Your home page shows all of the Compass Learning apps used by your school. On your home page, you might see tiles for more than one app. For example, you might see tiles for Pathblazer Reading and Pathblazer Math, but in addition, you might also see tiles for Odyssey or Hybridge.

You can have work assigned to you in more than one app. In the example below, the student home page shows tiles for three apps--Pathblazer Reading, Pathblazer Math, and Odyssey.

path, ody.png

Your Pathblazer Screener Tests

The first time you click the Pathblazer Reading or Pathblazer Math tiles, you will see the start page for a quick test. The test will be short--either 8 or 16 questions. This test will help your teacher figure out which lessons are a good fit for you.

The first page of the test will look like this:

pathblazer screener first page.png

Just click Start to open the test. Follow the instructions provided on the test and choose the best answers.

After you have taken your screener tests, you will see your reading and math subjects the next time you click the Pathblazer tiles on your home page. 

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