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The Notecard feature in the Writer tool enables you to create "notes" for your project on electronic note cards. Each note can represent a single idea or section that you might use to build an outline for your written project. To use the Note Card function, click the Note Card icon. The note card toolbar appears. The left panel of the Notecard area contains a "toolbar" for working with notecards.

notecard buttons.png

From the top of the panel to the bottom, you can use these buttons to perform the following steps:

  • Add. This button allows you to create a new notecard.
  • Move right. Clicking this button indents your current notecard making it a sub-step (or a secondary idea) beneath the card above it.
  • Move left. Clicking this button moves the current notecard back to the left (or "top level" if you are arranging notecards in outline format).
  • Delete. This button deletes the current notecard.
  • Paste to Draft. This button will move your notecards into the draft of your writer project, on a new page. This way, you will have your notecards in the drafting section in an outline format. You can also continue to write free-form content in the Drafting section.
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