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How do I build a class?

Organization is key

Students do NOT need you to have a class built in Pathblazer™ for them to get started. As a teacher you DO need to have a class to use your Teacher Dashboard, Class Progress, and other features in Pathblazer (including reports).

Check with your administrator first, he/she may be building your class for you.

To walk through the process, watch the presentation below. If video isn't your preferred learning style, keep scrolling for step-by-step directions and a printable resource.

TIP: click on the gear icon in the bottom of the presentation to print out a PDF of the presentation itself


Building your Class:

This is where you will be able to create your own Class Folder and add students from the entire list of students from your school.

First click on the ‘My Students’ tab and create your class folder and give it a name.

  • Click on My Students
  • Click New
  • Click Class

Then fill in the appropriate details and add yourself and any other teachers, if you happen to team teach.

Complete Class Details

  • Give your class a name

(the name is the only requirement)

  • Choose your Grade Level
  • Choose your Subject
  • Add Teachers, if you want to share data or Team Teach
  • When finished Save

Next you will need to find your students from the “My School” list of all students. Narrowing will allow you to view a certain grade level to make your search easier.

Under My School

  • Click on Students
  • Narrow by Attributes, which will help if you have many students in your school.
  • Choose the Grade
  • Click Narrow

Finally, choose the students you wish to have seated in your virtual classroom and add them to your Class.

The Actions tab will have a number next to it (#); this shows you the number of students chosen

  • Click Add to Class
  • Find the right class in the list
  • Click Add


Building a Class

Click NEXT to learn about viewing Student Progress

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