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How do I manually assign a different proficiency level diagnostic?

Compass Learning Pathblazer™ automatically assigns diagnostic assessments and learning paths based on the screener results.  However, teachers may wish to adjust the level where a student is working by manually assigning a different diagnostic and learning path.

Why would I want to assign an alternate (different) diagnostic?

  • Maybe the student had a good/bad testing day but you don't want to have him/her complete the screener again.
  • The student finished an entire proficiency level and is ready for the next.

Whatever the reason, the manual process is the same.

How to manually assign

Navigate to the Courses and Assignments tab.

Choose Assignment Archive.


Change Availability to My District, select Language Arts as the subject, and choose a grade level. (grade level and proficiency level are equal here)

Click on Search.

Scroll to find the Diagnostic Assignments.

Check the boxes next to the desired

Diagnostic Assignments. 





Click the Assign to Students button

Choose the students to assign

Click Finish






Manually Assigning a Learning Path

Click NEXT to learn how to provide students with activity codes

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