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What proficiency level did my student place in?

After my students have completed the screener, I can print out their results as an entire class. Click on the presentation below to go through the steps. At the end, walk through the steps.

TIP: Click on the gear icon in the presentation to print out a set of PDF instructions.


Accessing Screener Results

  1. Navigate to the Reports Tab.
  2. Choose Pathblazer™ Reports on the left side under Compass Learning Reports
  3. Click on Run next to the Default Pathblazer Screener Results Report

TIP: Ensure Pop Up Windows are not being blocked or the report will not be visible.

Understanding Screener Results

Once the screener report pulls up, you will have access to all of your students, their enrolled grade level and their identified proficiency levels.

Understanding Student Proficiency Levels

  • Students who show “0” as their proficiency placed at a Kindergarten level.
  • Students who show “-1” as their proficiency placed at a Kindergarten Readiness level (Pre-K)
  • Students who show “1-“ or “3-“ as their proficiency scored at the lowest grade level available in their screener.  They will be assigned 1st or 3rd grade learning paths, but may be working at an even lower grade level.
  • Remember, most students place in a proficiency below their current grade level.  This is expected and the proficiency level is simply used to place students in the correct diagnostic assessment to further assess student skill mastery.

A few more details

The Pathblazer Screener assesses students based on full mastery of the power standards for a given proficiency level. If a student is at the beginning of seventh grade, for instance, he or she is unlikely to show mastery of the seventh grade standards, because he or she has not yet received instruction. Therefore, the student will receive the proficiency level 6 screener. The failsafe on the level 6 screener will place a student back into level 7 if he or she gets all the level 6 questions correct. When students place in a proficiency level, they have not answered all of the questions (6-8) correctly for that screener level.

If the student goes on to take the proficiency level 6 diagnostic and he or she is legitimately on grade level, the result will be that only a few standards need re-teaching. The student will receive only the instruction he or she needs and will skip all of the mastered standards. In this scenario, the student will quickly accelerate to proficiency level 7 upon completing a few gap standards. Teachers can override a student’s placement and manually assign an easier or harder learning path as needed.

The screener questions were designed to reflect the rigor of the recent standards and might be challenging to students for this reason. The screener uses a small number of questions to place students in the correct in-depth diagnostic assessment. As students complete the Compass Learning curriculum, they will have repeated exposure to a similar rigor of instruction and question types, scaffolding success on high-stakes assessments.


Screener Results

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