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Student Motivation Strategies

Establishing Student Expectations

Clarify your expectations for online work. Although we may believe all students are “digital natives,” not all have equal access to technology and are equally adept at using technology to learn. To set your students up for success, consider providing explicit instruction on your expectations for online work and model those expectations for students.

One way to do this is to set goals with students for completing learning paths.

We suggest adding goals to the top or bottom of the Student Portfolio Log.

Motivating Students

Let’s be honest, maintaining student engagement and interest will be challenging at times. Even when its technology based, students will still have moments where they struggle.

Student Portfolio Logstudent portfolio log 3+.JPG

Using a Student Portfolio Log not only helps teachers see what students are doing, but it helps students see what they are doing. One easy motivational strategy is to use stamps or stickers in the Teacher Comment section of the Log. Make sure to celebrate with students when you see success.



Once a student fills a Student Portfolio Log, have them fold it up and put it in a jar or box for a raffle. Hold the raffle at least once a quarter or grading period. Ask parents or community members to donate prizes for the raffle. Keep it simple.


Student Portfolio Logs lend themselves nicely to student motivational systems.

Sample Motivational Systems

Students earn a point for each scored activity they complete with a 70% score or higher.  Log points in the Reflection/Notes column. Consider awarding points for each non-scored activity they complete, because the instruction provided in the non-scored activity will help them to complete the scored quiz or assessment that follows it successfully.  Various schools have offered different incentive programs to promote student motivation and focus.


Sample Point Structure:

No Cost Incentives

5 points    –  coupon towards school store

15 points   – 10 min free choice on computer

15 points   – Pathblazer Assistant

20 Points   – Computer Teacher for 1 Class

30 points   – Teacher for Day

30 points   – Principal for Day

30 points   – Uniform Free Day
100 points – Lunch with Teacher

Class with most points at end of quarter – pajama day or dress as your favorite book character day


Cost Affiliated Incentives

10 points – sticker

15 points – eraser

20 points – pencil

Class with most points at end of quarter – pizza party or donut day


Other Incentive Ideas:   

  • Compass Bucks (per activity)
  • Class Dojo, Class Charts, or other electronic class management programs
  • Class or Grade Level Competitions
  • Earning a Privilege
  • Competition Bulletin Boards


Student Portfolio Log
student portfolio log 3+.JPG
Student Expectations


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