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This quick reference guide is intended to provide basic information that can help you solve issues in a timely manner.  We understand that technology is dynamic and can be highly customized, so our Support & Services team offers different ways for you to get the support you need in the manner you prefer. We value your time and understand product issues can negatively impact student engagement and learning.  We also understand it is very difficult to troubleshoot issues when trying to manage a classroom.  Our goal is to help you prevent any issues from occurring in the first place. But when they do happen, we want you to be as prepared as possible on how to handle these issues (with our documentation above) or rely on us to have your back and provide a resolution, as soon as possible.  Please feel free to contact our Support & Services team for any question or issue.  Below is our contact information:



Getting Help Quickly

  1. This quick reference guide is intended to provide basic information that can help you solve issues in a timely manner. Describe the issue you are experiencing in detail
    1. Description of the unexpected behavior and/or error messages
    2. When did the issue occur (date/time)?
    3. As best you can, the type of device and browser (any details can be helpful) you are experiencing the issue on (PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, etc.)
    4. Screenshots or a picture/video of the issue using your cell phone (if applicable)
    5. Steps to replicate the issue (include assignment names, activity codes and/or titles, etc.)
  2. Scope/Impact of Issue
    1. What is the username or usernames of the users that are having the issue?
    2. Was this working before?  Is this the first time this issue has occurred?
    3. How many schools are affected? How many labs?
    4. How many students or workstations are affected?
    5. Is the issue intermittent or can it be consistently replicated?
  3. Tell us of any troubleshooting steps already taken
  4. Your contact information or contact information for the end-user experiencing the issue
    1. First and Last Name
    2. School/Location and Role
    3. Email address or phone number
    4. Best time and method to get in contact with you
  5. Contact Information for a technical contact at the school, if possible (This information is needed in case we need to remote to the End Users workstation and the end user doesn’t have administrative rights on the computer.)

Quick Tips

Login Tip

If the login page keeps showing up after a successful login, please ensure that the pop-up blocker is turned off for our URLs on the browser you are using.

Login Tip

After login, the student desktop will be loaded in a pop-up window.  The login page will remain open in the background.  Do not close the login page.  If you come across this page while using CompassLearning, leave it open and do not re-attempt to login, unless the student desktop window cannot be found.  This page can be closed after the student performs a logout via the Logout button on the upper right section of the student desktop.

Exiting an Activity

When exiting a learning activity as a student, to ensure that you can continue progress – use the built-in Exit button (usually on the upper left within the activity) and never close out using the X on the browser in the upper right corner.  For completion of the activity, use the icons or indicators within the activity or let the activity close on its own upon completion.

Browser Tip

While using CompassLearning solutions, do not hit the browser's Refresh button or the F5 key on the keyboard.This will force the student session to end and the student will have to login again.

Browser Tip

While using CompassLearning solutions, do not use the browser's Back and Forward buttons, To navigate back and forth, use the breadcrumb buttons located near the top of the student desktop.

Logging Off

When the student is done using CompassLearning for that session, they can perform a logout via the Logout button on the upper right section of the student desktop, instead of closing the browser.



































Learning Activity Tips

Fill in the Blank Questions and Drag-n-Drop Questions

On a fill in the blank question, you may not be able to click on an answer to fill in the blank.If this occurs, the instructions should say that you must drag the correct answer to the blank. On a PC or Mac, this is relatively straightforward.On a Chromebook, this may seem unnatural because there are no buttons to click on the touch pad. You must press down on the touch pad with one finger while to you drag the answer to the blank with another finger.

Looping Questions

An activity may ask the same question multiple times and it looks like the activity is looping.In this case, the activity should only ask the same question again if the student gets one of the questions wrong the first time.If they get the question(s) correct the next time, they should be allowed to proceed.

Reading Passages

On activities with reading passages that have progress buttons (a blue circle with a white triangle in it), it may appear as though the student cannot continue in the learning activity and the student is stuck.This type of activity has progress buttons placed next to each paragraph or section. Each of these progress buttons on the entire passage must be clicked and turned into an orange circle with a checkmark before the student is allowed to continue.The blue circle with the white triangle and orange circle with the checkmark at the bottom of the activity do not control progress or allow the student to continu


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