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What can students do this summer?

There are a few different ways to engage students over the summer with Pathblazer ®. We certainly understand the need for keeping students moving forward and reading to learn. Explore the options below, download the resources, and have a BLAST at your Family Literacy.


Setting Up Summer School

Schools can, and should, leave students where they are for summer school. If you are using the screener and diagnostics, you can even move them into different classes without impeding their process. Then, at the end of summer, we will support the End of Year process with virtual sessions and resources.

If you cannot leave students where they are, send your TX SSI summer school setup request to  Use the bold text in your subject line. In the body of the email include the estimated number of students in summer school, the district name and the main district contact to work with.

Summer School Assignments

Summer is a valuable time of year. As educators, we want to keep students focused and working. Especially our struggling readers. Struggling readers need to read at least 60 minutes more each day, and the reality is they don't want to read at all.

Making assignments for summer student focused, narrowing in on their individualized gaps, helps gain family support and understanding of the need.

Students will complete mini pre-tests, confirming student need for the instruction. Please assign a few TEKS at a time in case students master a TEK on the pre-test.

What do I need?

A list of the ELA TEKS students are struggling with. We hope Spring STAAR data will be available for use. But if it isn't available yet, we know as educators that you know your students.

How do I assign relevant content?

Navigate from Courses & Assignments > Assignment Archive.

Use the Search fields:

Availability: My District

Subject: Language Arts

Grade: Appropriate grade

Click search.


Scroll through the assignments, labeled with the TEKS in the title. Check the box to select the TEKS you need to assign to the student(s). You can select more than one. We recommend selecting at least a few.


Click the Assign to Students button towards the top of the screen (above the list of assignments).


Select the student(s) you would like to assign to. You may end up assigning to 30 individual students. That won't take as long as you might think, and the up front time is very much worth the effort from the family's perspective.


Click Finish.


Download step-by-step instructions here.

How do I see what they are doing?

Again, it's summer and time is precious. Set up a Student Progress Report to schedule/send to your summer email address. You don't have to look every week, but it's there when you feel like checking on the kids.

Have parent email addresses for the students you know will be working over the summer so that you can reach out to them if needed.

How do Families see what they are doing?

We recommend every student working on Summer School Assignments also uses a Tracking Log. Students access their portfolio, transfer activity information and score to their log, and then continue working in Pathblazer ®.

Family members can check the student log OR the student's portfolio. Whichever they prefer to use.

Summer Explorations

Want to expose students to more reading opportunities over the summer, but not really interested in forcing it? Try our Summer Reading Explorations below.

Suggested Literature Explorations

Explore 4 literature excerpts from Pathblazer ® . Then based on the piece you enjoyed most, visit your local library, check out a related title, and read your way through the summer. Click on the image below to download the resource for students.

Informational Text Practice

Practice skills such as: citing textual evidence, determining the meaning of words and phrases, analyzing text structure, author's purpose, cause and effect, charts and graphs, and more. Fun to pair with Story Cubes. Click on the image to the right to download the resource for students.

Story Cubes

Locate 1 numbered die to use.

Read your story/text.

Roll the die and respond to the question using the story/text you just read.

1 - Who

2 - What

3 - When

4 - Where

5 - Why

6 - How

Pathblazer ® Gameboards

One of the most difficult set of skills to master is Figure 19 from the Language Arts TEKS. Another way to keep students from experiencing the dreaded summer slide is to keep them practicing their comprehension throughout the summer months.

Students can do one activity each day for a month. Suggest a "word of the day" activity for families. The student does an activity and adds one vocabulary word to a post-it or wipeboard on the refrigerator. The family then tries to use that word as much as possible that day.

As students complete activities, they color in or mark off the box on their gameboard. Collect at the beginning of the school year for an incentive.

Click on the grade level link next to the image to download your student resources.

All grades - All subjects

Families interested in more practice can always use ALL 3 grade level gameboards. That's 3 months worth of activities. 



Family Literacy Night

Before the kiddos leave for the summer, hold a Family Literacy Night. We've made the plan and created all the resources. All you have to do is implement.

Family Literacy Night Resources: everything you could ever need

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