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Importing Teachers

Creating infrastructure for staff

For this step, you must have an administrative login.

If you have a lot of teachers to add to Pathblazer™, the simplest way is through an import process.

Walk me through please

Login as your administrator. It doesn't matter if you are a District or School level admin. The process works the same.

Navigate to the TOOLS submenu under the main admin screen.

Click into the Import menu.

Download your import templates (csv files) and instructions. These are also accessible in the Resource section at the end of this page.

We recommend using the instructions as they will help you with what is required in the csv template and what is recommended.


TIP: Create a class for each teacher. Copy/paste that class name into your student template later.

Once you have filled in the template, set the correct import type on your screen (teacher), upload the file, and click Next.

The next screen shows you a view of the system checking your import file. It will tell you immediately if there are major problems with the file.

Follow any prompts/instructions on screen. If you have any problems, reach out to Customer Support at

Once everything looks good, click Import.

You will receive notification it is processing and can click Done.

Navigate back into the Import Menu to access the Show History button. Here you can track the status of your import.

Once the teacher import is complete, begin your student import.


Click NEXT to learn how to import students

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