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Adding Students

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What if you are responsible for adding students, but you only have a few to add. When you have 5 or less students to add, we recommend doing it manually.

You can add students manually as an administrator. You can also add students manually if you are a teacher with the appropriate permissions.

Watch the video below to walk through the process. 

TIP: Have your login information so that you can truly follow along.

Manually adding Students

Login as your administrator. This is actually simpler under the School Administrator, but can be done as a District Admin as well.

Find the New button towards the center top of the screen and hover over it.

Select Student.

Complete the Student profile - Personal Information Tab.

Required fields:

  • Grade
  • Username
  • Password - must contain 1 letter

Recommended fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Student school ID
  • Parent Login Username, password

Review permissions on the right. Student MUST have a Solution checked.

Click on Grades tab just above the first name.

Select the subject(s) the student should have access to, and grade level. Clicking on the Subjects tab is required to activate the Save button. Selecting/changing options is optional. The subjects should only be Language Arts for the student's enrolled grade level.

Click Save.

Warning: Student will still need to be added to teacher's class.

Click NEXT to learn about manually adding administrators

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