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Assignment Status Report

The Assignment Status Report provides summative information for a school or campus. It is most useful to administrators, but can be generated as a teacher. With this report, I can see student completion of assignments, date assigned, assigning teacher, and ensure my students are meeting their completion goals. 

Click through the presentation below to walk through the process.

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Assignment Status Report Steps

Navigate to the Reports Tab

  1. Choose Administration Reports on the left side under Compass Learning Reports
  2. Click on Settings next to the Default Assignment Status Report


Details Tab will open

  1. Assigned within
  2. Report by: Assignment or Teacher
  3. Display: Summary or Details


Move to the Assignments Tab


Don’t change any settings unless you want to pick specific Diagnostics to look at.


To select specific diagnostics, use the Select Assignments option.

  1. Search.
  2. Select
  3. +Add Selected Items

Move to the Students Tab.

  1. Select School to see the assignment for everyone
  2. Select Teachers to see a specific class or classes
  3. Select the school or class
  4. +Add Selected Items

Move to Schedule and Send

Do not change anything here

Move to Run


Run Offline


  1. A window will open confirming that the report has queued.  Close the popup window.


  1. Click on My Reporting Queue on the left side of the screen.

The Assignment Status Report status may say “queued”.  Click on the Refresh button on the top right to check if the report is completed.


         Click “View as PDF” to view the report.


Understanding your Assignment Status Report

The assignment status report allows Administrators to see if assignments are complete or not.

Viewing by Assignment, Summary

This view allows administrators to see the overall status of a class and their progress on diagnostics.

Viewing by Assignment, Details

This view allows administrators to see which individual students may need additional support. We recommend a buddy or mentor to follow-up with struggling students.


Assignment Status Report


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