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Preparing the End of Year Function

The End of Year tool lets you manage promotion, graduation, assignments, and class enrollment for a large number of students as part of your preparation for the next academic year. The End of Year tool is available to district and school administrators only. It is important to coordinate running the End of Year processes on a day when no other users have been on the system, to ensure that all students are enrolled in the correct school and grade level for the next academic year. Careful planning and execution will also help to avoid the following scenarios:


  • Results created on the same day End of Year is run may be lost.
  • Students added to your Compass Learning system, or to a class, while End of Year is queued will be moved up to the next grade level and possibly removed from the class.
  • An End of Year promotion that is run while an earlier promotion is still queued to run will fail or will promote students multiple times.
  • If promoting by class, a student in multiple classes can be promoted multiple times.


NOTE: Use the Show History option to see when a process is queued or complete; school and district administrators can see each other’s End of Year queues. Other items visible in the queue should be allowed to complete before any further action is taken. Multiple items in the queue may not necessarily run in the order they were created.

Before Running the End of Year Process...

  • Identify who will run the End of Year processes for your schools; ensure that there is only one person running the procedure. The procedure should be run only once per school, either by the district or school administrator--not both.
  • Identify when the End of Year processes will be run and ensure that no users use your Compass Learning system on that day until after End of Year is completed.
  • Identify and run all necessary/valuable reports for your district and school prior to running End of Year processes. Export reports in your desired format, most reports allow for PDF or CSV output.  Examples:
    • Student Progress Reports
    • Progress Summary Reports
    • Objective-Based Test Results Reports
    • Assignment Status Report
    • Data exports using the Export tool
    • If you are using the Courses and Gradebook option, the teachers should export the gradebooks.
  • Decide what options you will select during the End of Year processes
    • Will the End of Year processes be performed on all students in the selected school?
    • Will the student’s assignments and class enrollment be deleted or retained? (Note: Deleting class enrollment does not delete assignments assigned through any class.)
  • Understand the End of Year options available
    • Graduate highest grade – deletes the student from the system. Although student data for graduated students is not available for standard reports, the data is available to export.
    • Promote to the next grade – advances a student to the next grade level in the same school. When a student is promoted, the student’s subject level access is changed to match the default of their new grade level.
    • Stay in the same gradekeeps students in the same grade. Use this option to delete class enrollment and/or assignments if the student grade levels have already been changed.
  • For customers using the Auto Import feature to update student accounts, Auto Import should be disabled prior to running the End of Year processes and turned back on after all schools have been processed. Please verify that the grade levels have not already been changed by the Auto Import before you run the End of Year. Since the Auto Import file is updated from your Student Information System the grade levels may already have been updated.
  • For Enterprise customers please perform a database backup prior to running End of Year processes.

Recommended Steps for Running End of Year

  1. REVIEW the detailed End of Year procedure below for step-by-step instructions on how to complete the End of Year process.
  2. CONTACT US using our contact information below, if you have any questions, need help, or would like us to walk you through running the End of Year procedures.
  3. GRADUATE (delete) students in the highest grade for the district. It is recommended that the grade level be changed to the previous grade for any student that will not be promoted prior to running Graduation. This is especially important to 12th graders from being graduated (deleted) if the students should remain in the system.
  4. PROMOTE students to the next grade level. Promoting students also changes the subject level access. There are two options to promote students: 
    1. RECOMMENDED promote all of the students in a school at the same time.
    2. Select specific students to promote either individually or by grade level. It is not recommended to promote students by class since a student in multiple classes will be promoted multiple times.
    3. NOTE: If your site uses NWEA and you prefer to retain NWEA assignments, uncheck the option to delete assignments.
  5. TRANSFER students to their appropriate schools (once the graduate and promote tasks are completed for ALL schools and ALL grades), since End of Year processes only modifies the student grade level, not location.

NOTE: If your District uses Auto Import and the import file is updated with the correct grade levels, turn Auto Import back on and the students will be transferred automatically as soon as their schools are updated in the file.

Troubleshooting the End of Year Procedure

Issue: Students were graduated (deleted) in error.

Possible Solution: Address by re-importing student data with correct grade level and location for each student. The newly imported students will be new student accounts and you will not be able to retrieve historical data using standard reporting.

Issue: Students have been promoted multiple times.

Possible Solution: Address by re-importing student data with previous grade level and location for each student.  Then run the EOY for those students and promote them to the correct grade.

Issue: Previous NWEA assignments were accidently deleted.

Possible Solution: The NWEA data will need to be re-imported by forcing a new testing window using the NWEA Configuration Tool or wait for next testing window.

If there are any other Issues or questions, need help or would like us to walk you through running the End of Year procedures, contact us using our contact information below.  

Running the Procedure

For details on the End of Year Procedure, see the End of Year: Detailed Procedure page.

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